Determining the Future of International Cyber Defence Capabilities

As part of Defence IQ’s Cyber Defence conference series, the new Cyber Defence Forum provides the best opportunity yet for interactive debate and discussion on key cyber issues. To review the topics to be discussed and discover who you will be able to meet on site, download the full Event Programme.

Why should you attend the Cyber Defence Forum?

Unlike many cyber events where you sit back and listen, the Cyber Defence Forum has been designed to ensure that audience participation and the opportunity to share knowledge are maximised. This new and exciting format also ensures that you get the answers to your questions and have face-to-face time with experts and key decision-makers:

  • The main forum consists primarily of panel discussions between international cyber commanders and industry experts, with audience participation, providing key insights into the issues from top experts
  • Specific themes for each half day of the forum will focus discussions to ensure that progress is made on each topic.
  • Group round table discussions will allow you to concentrate on the topics that matter to you most, with networking time in a more intimate environment. The findings of each table are then shared with all.
  • Pre-conference workshops on Cloud Computing and Network and Physical Penetration Testing will allow you to enhance your knowledge of these areas while asking questions from those in the know

Defence IQ’s Cyber Defence series consistently attracts the highest level military and industry representation, with over 150 senior officers, government officials and leading industry contractors from 21 nations gathering at our January event. Watch the video to hear their feedback on the event:

View the video from our 2012 event Cyber Defence & Network Security:

Focus on the Military Cyber Domain

The incomparable challenges faced within the military cyber domain, combined with the over reliance on technology means that the tasks faced by this community are unique. Bringing you the most up-to-date information on the issues most pertinent to you, the Cyber Defence Forum will discuss the following issues and more:

  • Making the operational shift from a reactive to a proactive cyber defence system to improve security both at an operational level and a national level
  • Establishing greater legal clarity for cyber operations and a better understanding of the rules of engagement for future cyber conflicts to demystify current practices
  • Exploring the trend of ‘going cloud’ within the military sector, managing the inherent risks associated with this and understanding security improvements are being made
  • Ensuring effective military network analysis and intruder identification is present across all systems
  • Creating a ‘cyber force’ capable of both offensive and defensive operations looking closely at the challenge of secure recruitment and training for the next generation of cyber warriors
  • Achieving pragmatic management of cyber operations across the military and private sectors when multiple commands are involved

brochure Don't miss your opportunity to be part of Defence IQ's Cyber Defence Forum. Download the 2012 Cyber Defence Forum Programme to find out more about who you can expect to meet and hear from in October. Or register your place at the 2012 Cyber Defence Forum now!

2012 Speaker Faculty features:


Hammam Riza
Director of the Centre for Information Technology
Indonesian MoD

Czech Republic

Jarosliw Kocovsky
Director of Security, Department of the Ministry of Defence
Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Ales Spidla
Director IT Department, State Institute of Drug Control
Czech Republic


Jorge Machorro
Director of Security, Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transportation

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